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Weight Loss Northern Beaches

Do you live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney NSW?

Are you looking for an experienced personal trainer?

Congratulations, you just found one.

If you are serious about losing weight, toning up, getting stronger, sports performance, moving better, recovering from injury or surfing at the next level then lets start your training today!

I have been training a variety of clients of all shapes, sizes and ages in London & New York. Now I bring this experience to Sydney’s northern beaches.

Combine functional bodyweight strength and fitness training with optimal nutrition and you will have the body of your dreams.

Serving clients in their homes, local parks and beaches. Manly, Curl Curl, Long Reef, Collaroy, Narrabeen, Mona Vale, Newport, Avalon, Palm Beach.

Duck Fat Broccoli

Liver Dish Delish

Beef liver washed in Lime juice, then cooked with some bacon & spring onions in beef stock/beef suet (kidney fat). Seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary.

Sweet Potato discs and broccoli baked in raw grass fed ghee and beef stock with a touch of lime.

Sauerkraut on a bed of broccoli sprouts. This is eaten first to cleanse the pallet and has lots of enzymes to aid digestion.

Woodchuck ‘private reserve’ pumpkin infused, hard apple cider. Yum

Weight Loss Lessons

Lets look at weight loss from a philosophical level, as the practical level is well documented. There are many weight loss diets that work on a practical level – ie the knowledge of the right type of food and correct proportions is everywhere. So why don’t we heed this advice?

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is understanding that a tomato does not belong in a fruit salad. We need to go beyond knowledge and look at what separates those who are lean from those who are overweight on an experiential level.

The biggest realization we need to come to is that the desire to overeat high calorie foods exists within all of us.  It’s in our genes. However we do get to choose to ‘feed’ that desire, or to ‘nourish’ the desire to be healthy.  This desire also exists in all of us.  The desire for self preservation and optimal health. In overweight individuals this desire is overcome by “the genetic desire to store up on calories for the winter“.  But winter never comes. All types of foods are readily available year round, and we abuse our genetic gift of energy storage (ie. body fat accumulation).

Focusing on ‘losing weight’ is in itself a negative thought.  Healthy people don’t focus on ‘not putting weight on’. Its about focusing on health, and considering your health every time you eat. I know that desire is inside you.  It’s the guilt you feel every time you binge eat; it’s the disappointment you feel each time you look in the mirror or go clothes shopping; it’s the urge you get to read this article. Stop ignoring it.  Stop letting this compulsion lose the battle.  You will never lose weight unless the compulsion to be healthy is stronger than the compulsion to continue your food addiction. Believing that you posses the ability to manifest the ‘healthy you’ is the key here.

But losing weight, or better put ‘restoring health’ is not easy. There is no easy way, so stop searching for it. Taking control of your health is simple.  Not easy, simple.  When you focus on the part of you that wants to be healthy, what you focus on expands.  Nurture and revive the healthy you that resides within.  Ignore the little devil yelling into your left ear and tune into the little angel whispering into the wright ear.

5 harsh weight loss tips (part 1)

Welcome to another top weight loss tips article, its just like all the others you have read for the past 10 years, advising you to eat less, eat healthier and move more. Great advice, yet here we are again searching for that magic tip. Heres a novel idea for you, try to eat less, eat better food and move more.

Thats right you don’t want to, therefore you don’t want to lose weight. If you don’t feel strongly compelled to lose weight, then you wont. So let go of the fantasy of eating the same and being able to lose weight. Just enjoy your fat, heavy, sick and lazy body, shove high calorie foods and alcohol down your fat throat until you’r bloated and over satiated, feel the endorphins charge through you body. My intention is not to sound judgmental, I am just saying you may as well enjoy your journey to an early grave and steadily increasing health insurance costs.

The urge to over eat high calorie foods lives within us all, we are human and its part of being human. In a way its kind of not your fault, because you didn’t create the urge to store up on calories, its in your genes. But, you are human so you can choose what you put in your mouth. You have to stop witnessing the “gorging on large portions of modern high processed, high calorie food” part of you and intervene. You must feel COMPELLED to lose weight, or you never will. Here are 5 tips for you to not take action on, and remain on your journey of being a statistic.

1. Eat less, eat better, move more. Stop overeating and expecting to lose body fat. The definition of stupid is doing the same thing and expecting the same results, so change something. Change the amount of food you eat, eat as if you were already lean and healthy. You cannot out exercise a bad diet.

2. Dont eat processed food. Processed food is very high in calories and low in nutrition(vitamins/mineral). You replace the calories but not the nutrients, leaving you unsaitied, the ‘feeling of satiation’ comes not just from enough calories but enough nutrition. Eat real food, fresh grass fed meats and wild fish with plenty of vegetables and some fruit.  When it come to ‘what to eat’ it really is that simple, no need for a complex special diet, just eat real food.

3. Be hungry. No need to starve yourself, but if you eat a controlled portion sized meal and still feel hungry, then so what, be hungry. You will never lose weight if you are never hungry. Deal with it.

4. Stop eating for pleasure all the time. Sitting down to a nice sized, rich meal and a glass of wine is a pleasure that we all look forward too, but if its the main pleasure in your life and a daily occurrence then you will never lose weight. Keep the eating for fun a 3 times per week event. You can still enjoy your food and look forward to amazing meals, its the feeling of being ‘full’ and over satiated you need to let go of.

5. Low fat BS. Low fat diets don’t work for weight loss and are just plain unhealthy. Listening to the USDA (United States Dept of Agriculture) for diet advice makes no sense. Farmers make money from fast growing grains that keep for long periods of time (flour, corn, soy etc). Please dont take nutritional advice from a corn farmer. Its the same as taking financial advice from casino. Wake up. Choose high fat meats, lather your salad in olive oil, fry your vegies in coconut oil.

Try it for 20 days, if you feel compelled. Otherwise just be with who you are and enjoy your food, but remember it is impossible for the human body to grow larger without overeating, so overeating is how you put on weight in the first place.

Random breakfast

Sometimes the most creative dishes arise from limitation. This dish was made with what was left in the fridge:

* 4 eggs, 1 piece of bacon, leftover roast courgette, mixed micro-greens, sauerkraut, 2 avocados.


Cook the bacon – chop bacon and courgette into 4 scrambled eggs, dump the sauerkraut onto the micro greens, slice the avo and season with salt and pepper. Yummy breakfast.

My Cookie Monster

The calorie craving chocoholic dessert demon in me will never die, years of fighting him has proven futile. Many battles won but the war continues. He is always there, he always will be, I have accepted that. I let him rear his ugly head sometimes, other times he is put to rest with a healthy-ish high calorie binge like some tropical fruit, or some broccoli and sweet potato fried in coconut oil. But sometimes thats not enough! ‘I need chocolate’ he screams.

I used to think, and have read many times that the more time you spend on a ‘healthy diet’ the less likely you are to have these sugar cravings. And on a daily basis this is true, when I am eating nutrient dense foods (as oppossed to calorie dense) I very rarely crave sugar. But rarely does not mean ever, and once every 2 weeks (or less) the sugar monsters cries become so loud and un-ignorable. Often he is tamed with good hydration and nutrition, but sometimes he needs attention. I see it as the bodies cry for some extra calories and some satiating endorphins and I (willingly) oblige. Sometimes the stress that the sugar causes on your body is less than the stress of denying yourself the pleasure. If your irresistible cravings are more than once a week then you could have something else going on, fungal or parasitic infection, eating disorder, depression. Please see your trusted health professional.

Keeping the cookie monster at bay. Eat real food, a balanced diet of organic fresh produce is the best thing you can do for your health. When the cookie monster screams ask your self:

1. Am I hydrated.? Water

2. Am I nourished? Healthy meal.

3. Am I stressed. Chill, meditate, re-focus on your long term health goals.

4. If steps 1-2-3 don’t keep him at bay then try to follow some sort of guidelines for your calorie binge.

Try eating 2 ripe mangos, or a papaya, this often stops my monster. Enough calories to keep him satisfied and enough nutrition to keep the guilt at bay.

…still not satisfied? By now at least you stomach is not empty (the worst time for a calorie binge)

OK, desert, sweets etc. Guidelines:

Gluten free – stay away from the cheap flour based treats.

Processed – Choose something minimally processed. Even better homemade.

Fructose is bad – again ‘cheap’ usually means fructose, look for raw organic cane sugar, maple syrup, raw honey, HFCS is the worst, stay away.

Stop when satisfied, not bloated or sick.